As you can see we have given the whole website a new look. The website has also moved to a different webserver. It should be performing better than the old one, but please do let us know when you are having problems accessing the website.

Our new domain is short, easy to remember and very fitting: www.icr2.net! Update your bookmarks folks!

About CRHQ

At CART Racing Headquarters we continue to support the now more than a decade old racing simulator Indycar Racing 2 (renamed to CART Racing for later releases). We have an active editing community that can be found at the forum, we host the only remaining offline ICR2 league IIRS and have a big archive full of ICR2 downloads. And there's lots more as well, just browse the site. Have fun!

If you want you can join our forum, even if it is just to say hello. It's always fun for us to know who is still interested in this great game!