IIRS Series and Rules
Welcome to the 2014 season, the last season of the Internet International Racing Series - IIRS.

We use the Indycar Racing 2 (CART Racing) simulator by Papyrus to follow the Indy Racing League™ closely.

This is the place for racing fans looking for a Sim-Racing series where you can compete no matter what your skill level is, while the best driver still wins. You are the person to decide the opponent strength for yourself. There is no 'set' opponent strength. The series is all about fun, racing and the game ICR2.

NOTE: Be sure you have all the patches released for the sim used (DOS ICR2, Windy ICR2 or CART Racing).

Rule #1: Have fun. When in doubt, refer back to rule #1.
Rule #2: We like to run a laid back series. We do not jump on people who make mistakes, or have problems. However, cheating will be dealt with severely. Every other mistake is looked upon as a learning experience.

Signing Up:
To sign up for the series, you can send an email to iirsracing@yahoo.com. Also, check out the forum at www.icr2.net.
There is no maximum number of drivers and you can sign up at any time during the season.

Running the race:
Most of our members have ran races in other series. This series will not be too different. The differences will be noted. You can use any number and paint or import your own car to the carset that is used. You can also change any personal info you want. You cannot change the skill settings on your car or any of the opponents. All tracks files and simulator files must be ones issued by IIRS Staff. You can use an edited engine sound or cockpit, but the driver list (drivers2.txt) cannot be changed except for your car. Because we run carsets that are heavy on the graphics, you're allowed to use a different carset to lighten the burden on your computer. Remember, the drivers2.txt has to be the one from the prescribed carset. You should run your race in Single Race mode since race settings will vary from week to week.

A race can be run and scored with just 1 standings file and 2 screenshots. You will be scored by sending in your results in text. For verification purposes we will need screenshots, standing files and replays. Each week a driver will be picked randomly to send in his files for verification. When files are not OK, penalties will apply. Here is a detailed list of how your race weekend looks:

You run your qualifying laps and when you are satisfied with your laptime or the checkered flag is dropped, save the standings file (*.stn). Also save the replay of your fastest qualifying lap.

Run your race. When the checkered flag is waved, make sure to hit a nearby wall and cause visible (!) damage. Pause the game and take a screenshot of your cockpit. Also save the standings file (*.stn). Unpause the game and finish. After the race has finished go to the Final Standings screen and take screenshots of it. Make sure your car can be seen in the standings (in case you have Cart Racing or Windy ICR2). Also save the replay of your last (minimum) 5 laps.

Sending in your results:
After finishing your race you can send in your results in texttform to iirsracing@yahoo.com. We need your qualifying time/speed, your total race time and the lap time of your last lap. Save the gathered files. These will be necessary in case you are picked as the checked driver of the week.

Race Scoring:
The scoring system will be the following:

a] Final standings
The finishing order will be based on the following:
       1) Laps Completed
       2) Race time
Note: You don't need to win your local race. The time is made from the winner's race time plus the margin shown in the F2 screenshot from the finish line.

b] Points system
For the 2014 regular season, IIRS will use real IRL™ style points :

  • The driver who has the fastest qualifying lap gets one (1) bonus point.
  • The driver who has the fastest last lap gets one (1) bonus point.
  • The driver who has gained the most positions at the end of race gets one (1) "Hard Charger" bonus points.
    On ovals the driver has to qualify inside 110% of the Pole time to be eligible for the Hard Charger point. On road courses the 110% rule does not apply.

    Setting Opponent Strength:
    YOU select the opponent strength (OS). Here's how it works. During Practice, you select an OS that will allow you to run near the front of the pack. If you can't, adjust the opponent strength lower. If your fastest lap is a lot faster than theirs, (3 mph or 5 seconds faster on ovals or 4 or 5 second on road courses), then set the OS higher.

    The idea is to be able to race with the computer opponents without following them around 1/2 lap behind, or blowing everyone away. Remember that you can gain massive speed by drafting with the AI. You can only do this when you select the correct OS.

    IMPORTANT: The ICR2 DOS users have in the game the opportunity to change the OS between qualifying and race; You are not allowed to use this feature in IIRS in order to have equal competition between all drivers. Once in awhile, the OS setting may have you qualify a lot faster or a lot slower than the AI. Do NOT adjust the strength according to qualifying. Your race will suffer from it.

    If any driver has used the wrong weather settings, he will be penalized as follows:
           a) 3 minutes in race time for a different temperature,
           b) +5 seconds/-5,000 mph in qualifying time/speed for a different temperature,
           c) Any wrong wind means Disqualification,

    When your results are being verified and screenshots, .stn files or replays are missing the following penalties can be issued:
           a) Qual.stn missing: not eligible for Hard Charger point. Qualifying time is removed from Race                  results,
           b) Cockpit screenshot missing: not eligible for Fastest Lap point. Last lap is removed from Race                results,
           c) No visible damage: +3 minute in race time,
           d) Race standings screenshot missing: Final race time is removed from Race results and you are              placed in last position.
           e) Qualifying replay missing: not eligible for Pole position point. Qualifying time is removed from              Race results.
           f)  Race replay missing: Automatic disqualification. You will also be asked to send in your files the            next race you participate in.

    If a driver uses a different track, he will be penalized with a Disqualification.

    If a driver send in his results late, but before the results are posted, the results will be counted, but with a penalty. He will be penalized as follows:
           a) For each day late, +5 seconds/-2.500 mph in qualification time/speed, +1 minute
              added to race time.

    The championship:
    The IIRS Oval Racing Championship (ORC)
    The ORC competes on ovals, streetcourses and roadcourses. This series includes one of the biggest races in the world, the 500 on the Brickyard. We run with damage ON (arcade), yellows OFF, pace lap ON, and random breakdowns OFF. Oval race distance are determined by track length. Roadcourse distance is set in such a way that the fastest drivers finish after 40 minutes

    Racing Teams
    You can join other IIRS drivers in racing teams. This is a fun way to get to know other people and help others having trouble at certain tracks (and getting help on ones you can't compete at).
    A team in a Series can consist of three drivers. You can switch teams, but cannot switch back without prior approval of the Director. This is to avoid teams maximizing their point potential.

    Team point standings will be kept at ALL races. If you join a team after signing up, just send us your new team name. There are always teams looking for members, just send an email or post on the forum and you will be picked up quickly.

    Tracks and carsets
    To ensure everybody uses the same trackfiles the IIRS management will post settingfiles. These files include everything a driver needs to get started. It prevents cheating or people having a disadvantage because they do not have a good setup yet. Trackpacks will be uploaded as early as possible.
    Be sure to use the correct Carset. Carsets may be changed mid - season, so keep an eye out. All races are done with the posted track- and carsetfiles. You are allowed to use a different carset if you like, but it is not allowed to use a different drivers2.txt or track.txt.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. The only stupid question is the one that is not asked.

  • John Howlett
    IIRS Director