CART Racing Headquarters Field Trips

On this page you can watch the pictures we made during a couple of the field trips we took in the name of research.

Superleague Formula at Assen in 2010

To play with our new camera I went to the Superleague Formula practice on Friday. This was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. The cars are pretty loud and fast and on a friday a cheap ticket gets you anywhere you want.

DTM at Zandvoort in 2008

We sat in our favourite spot again, but unfortunately we did not get to see a lot of action this year. We did get to see and hear a Nascar though, which was fun!

Champcars at Assen in 2007

Well to be honest I had never thought to see a real champcar race here in Holland but when it happened, we were there of course! I already went on the friday which was a great time to take a lot of nice pictures and on the sunday we just watched the race. Here's to hoping that some day US style open wheel racing will return to Assen!

Masters at Zandvoort in 2006

Formula 3 races are mostly boring and this one was no exception. At least from the place we were sitting that day there was not a lot to be seen. Still, some nice demo's and the vintage F1 race more than made up for that. And nice weather too!

DTM at Zandvoort in 2006

This time I managed to persuade my girlfriend to come along to a race. When we arrived at the track it was raining which made for a very entertaining Porsche Carrera race. When the F3 cars came out the track had dried out again and it didn't rain any more that day. The DTM race was nice, we had a good time and I managed to take some decent pictures.

DTM at Zandvoort in 2005

This was the first CRHQ Field Trip. Sander had visited the DTM in 2004 with some members of his family but this time just the both of us went. We saw some good racing that day. However I had a crap camera with me so not too many pictures.

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